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Cheyenne County Community Center Acquires New Location

The Cheyenne County Community Center Foundation is excited to announce a major milestone in their commitment to enhancing community well-being trough expanded fitness facilities by acquiring the building located in the heart of Sidney at 10th Avenue and Pearl Street.

Recognizing the importance of collaboration within the community and seeking feedback from current and former community center members, they engaged a nationally prominent consulting firm earlier in the year. This independent firm executed a community-wide survey with an impressive response rate. The survey data was summarized into three major focus areas:

1. A community need for more Early Childhood services.

2. The need for space to train, exercise and improve fitness, plus 24/7 access.

3. An Indoor Aquatic/Sports Complex.

More information about the survey results is at

The Cheyenne County Community Center Foundation board decided to take immediate action on focus areas 1 and 2 by purchasing the building at 1608 10th Avenue, the Athletic Center, which is the third location added to the overall Community Center experience.

The new fitness center will be a 24/7 hub for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, offering state-of-the-art equipment, expert trainers and a welcoming environment for individuals of all fitness levels.

As for focus area three from the survey, strategic planning and community feedback continues for an Indoor Aquatic/Sports Complex based upon the feedback from the survey.

The strategic planning process involved extensive collaboration and the development of a visionary “Strategy House,” with four essential pillars: Child Development, Health/Fitness, Senior Enrichment, and Sports/Activities. These pillars serve as the foundation of the organization and drive efforts to provide comprehensive and diverse programs for all members of the community.

As the Cheyenne County Community Center continues to strengthen our community and enrich the lives of our members, they remain deeply grateful for the unwavering support and enthusiasm demonstrated by everyone involved in the endeavor.

For more information, please contact Michael Namuth, Director at [email protected], Keith Nienhueser, President at [email protected] or 308-254-7000.


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