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Three Locals Arrested on Drug Charges

Authorities act on tips from vigilant neighbors

SIDNEY--Three arrests on drug charges were made Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2023 on the 800 block of Linden Street in Sidney. In conjunction with WING (Western Nebraska Intelligence and Narcotics Group), Sheriff and Sidney Police officers acted upon the information with a warrant at 803 Linden Avenue in Sidney. They arrested three individuals, Ray Garrett Jr., Dallas Dickey and Jessey Lohman on charges of possession of controlled substances. Cheyenne County Sheriff Adam Frerichs said the drugs in question were methamphetamine and narcotic pills.

All three individuals were processed and bonded out Tuesday night.

Frerichs stated that complaints about the house had been made by multiple Sidney residents, prompting the search warrant. The amounts of controlled substances involved did not indicate distribution of the substances was being conducted from the house. Frerichs noted that there has been an uptick in drug related activity in recent months, and the Sheriff's Department is working with other law enforcement groups to put a stop to the activity.

According to Design For Change, a drug rehabilitation center that specializes in recovery from methamphetamine addiction, people need to learn the signs of possible drug activity in their neighborhoods. While some activity in the neighborhood may look suspicious, it may not be related to drugs at all. It’s not easy to know for sure. But, in most areas where drugs are trafficked, some of the following signs are present:

Lots of different people come and go to and from the house.

People come and go at odd times of the day or night.

Windows are always covered with dark curtains.

Strange chemical smells emanated from the property.

More people live in the house than before.

People loiter in or around the property at odd hours.

Unusual traffic patterns of cars pulling in, stopping, and leaving quickly.

A sudden increase in criminal activities.

Most drug dealers look for areas where neighbors mostly keep to themselves. This makes it less likely that the residents will notice any unusual activity. Drug dealers prefer areas where adults and kids have money to spend on drugs. So, if “It can’t happen in my neighborhood,” crosses your mind, you may want to be familiar with the above warning signs just in case.

If you do suspect illegal activity in your area, please call the non-emergency dispatch line at 308-254-5515 if in Sidney, and elsewhere in Cheyenne County, concerned citizens should call the County non-emergency line at 308-254-2922.


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