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What Is It About?

Every day we are inundated with bad news. Turn on your TV or radio to any station that carries national and world news – its there. The internet is full to over flowing with "news" – some real, some fake. Regardless of the source the script is the same... "Things are bad and getting worse. So you need to tighten your budget and your belt and learn to live with less."

If fact, according to the end-of-the-world cultists things are so bad that you need to lose your future and your children's future so the world will, at the very least, have a slim chance of surviving a few more years.

Fortunately for you and I they can't keep their story straight!

Remember the end of the world movies that have been presented over the last few decades? Especially, remember the one that was based on the then "science based end of the world" propaganda that most of the world's population was going to freeze to death? A soul touching Hollywood movie based on this fear featured huge glaciers sliding down from the North Pole onto New York City and other places above the equator.

Then, when this scenario could not be logically or scientifically supported, the next end of the world plot was about global warming. All the glaciers and snow around the world was melting and causing the ocean level to rise and will cause the drowning of millions. In this movie the only people who might have a chance of surviving will be forced to move to either the the South Pole or to the top of the Himalaya mountains!

The truth is that our home planet is in a state of constant change of environment. It has been this way since it was first created. Yes, on a purely local level humans have had an impact on the surrounding ecology, but little if any impact on the world wide climate. Long before human beings spread across the globe the planet's climate was (and is) in a constant state of change. That's the way God created the planet.

So, what is all the climate change fear propaganda really about?

In one word it is about "control."

Of all of the emotions that humans are capable of feeling, fear is one of the most powerful. Love is another powerful emotion! And the left wing fear mongers love to use fear to gain a powerful influence over people. Ever notice that the top level fear mongers have no hesitation to fly and travel around the world? What about their contribution to global warming and humanities immanent death? Hmmmmm...

Throughout the centuries power hungry leaders have used fear to motivate their followers to be obedient. "Follow me and do what I say, or else your lives will be ruined."

"Give me more power over your lives, or else you may not live long," is the general message of today's fear mongers.

"Change from gas powered vehicles to battery powered or your children may not live long enough to have children of their own," is a frequently used argument by the end-of-the-world preachers. Oh! Really?

What they don't tell you is that the batteries can only be recharged a certain number of times before they can no longer be used. P.S. All batteries are that way! On my last trip to and from California I saw piles of used up batteries deposited on hillsides and in valleys, along with busted wind generator parts. The batteries contain poisonous rare earth metals. So, we give up gas powered cars for electric and this is "good for the environment"?!?!? (It sure is good for Communist China.)

Attention environmentalists: All plants need CO2 (carbon dioxide) in order to grow. CO2 is one of the things produced by today's gas powered vehicles. They no longer produce vast amounts of "smog" (carbon monoxide - CO) that was prevalent in big cities in earlier decades. I know because I once lived on the West Coast... plenty of smog but at least the crime rate was low back then.

So, wake up and smell the garbage. It is not about saving the environment. It is all about gaining more control over you and I. If not stopped America's government will become a dictatorship. And this is what it is all about.

P.S. If you really want to know how this world ends read the Book of Revelation in the Bible. There is the real truth.


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