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Cheyenne County Receives Dividend Check 

LINCOLN - Cheyenne County has received another membership dividend, this time in the amount of $11,778, from the Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association II (NIRMA II), the county's workers compensation coverage and risk management services provider.  The dividend was part of a planned $1 million distribution shared with 83 Nebraska counties and eight county-associated agencies during NIRMA's annual membership meeting on Oct. 19-20 in Kearney.  

With this latest distribution, Cheyenne County has now received a total of $469,570 in dividends since becoming a member of NIRMA II in 1988, with the potential for additional dividends before the year's end.  NIRMA II is able to issue dividends due to the program's strong financial standing, as aided by the members' ongoing loss prevention efforts. 

NIRMA/II is owned and governed by the 84 member counties and 27 county-associated public entities it serves.  This marks the 37th time since 1991 and the 28th consecutive year the program will have been able to return funds by year end, totaling $26 million, to its members and ultimately their local property taxpayers. 

NIRMA II was created by 32 counties in 1988 as the state's first governmental risk management and self-insurance program. For 35 years this pooling initiative has provided affordable coverage and comprehensive risk management and loss prevention services to Nebraska counties and related public agencies. 


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