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Finally, I Got Mail!

Went to the Sidney Post Office Saturday morning, Nov. 4, and I got a letter! Usually the only mail I get is junk mail and bills. I am so thrilled to get this letter that I'm reporting it in its entirety in the following paragraphs. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. And I quote with expletives somewhat deleted, but spelling unchanged:

"10-30-2023, I hope this F--k the right man.

To Mike Sunderland in response to your article in the Sun Telegraph August 22, 2022!

How are you feeling now Mr. Gray Haired ignorant partisian a***ole? The FBI is not part of the Democratic Party for one! There is no Army of Political Correctness enforcers but only your pea brain of a mind. Trump was not put in leg irons even though he should have been. Why did the FBI go down to Mara-Lago Sherlock?

The rule of law is not unAmerican and even your worthless party used to support that! You are so brainwashed and biased you are agreeing that stealing classified documents is find and legal as long as a insurrectionist past President do it huh?

You are so misinformed, have limited your information and knowledge, you sound and write your thoughts like the fool that you are! By supporting Trump, you are supporting an Autocratic Dictatorship and the destruction of our Representative Democracy! You will not have your "Freedoms" under that form of government you idiot!

You hope and pray there don't have a war to what support a dictatorship?

J.C. you are old, senile, ignorant stupid and misinFormed. Please stop writing and showing us your ignorance and Foolishness!

What an unpatriotic Clown!"

Well, there you have it. I finally got a response to my article, even if it is a bit over a year in coming. Oh well, better than nothing.

The FBI may/or may not be controlled by the Dems, but the party in power definitely has the power of the purse. So, draw you own conclusions. And if you really read the article, I wrote nothing about Trump being in leg irons. Here is what I wrote in that regard: "Yes, this might be dangerous as it could induce the radical left into requesting their army of political correctness enforcers to raid my home, subject me to a strip search and put me in leg irons."

This was not a reference to Trump, but was a remembrance of what was done to a sizable group of private citizens that were arrested, jailed and put in leg irons. Remember that? (I'm leaving the date out so you have to look it up to refresh your memories.) If the Feds can do that to peaceful protesters, they can do it to anyone who does not agree with the party in power.

As for the writer's inference that Trump was breaking the law by having "classified documents" in his home, the charge is meaningless. As President, Trump had the legal authority to declare any documents as "unclassified." The only exception I can find would be those that would put our national defense in jeopardy, and there are laws on the books that give the President the power to declassify certain such records at his discretion. Presidents for decades did the same thing Trump did.

Most of the letter is ill informed ranting, but one other part deserves rebuttal: "By supporting Trump, you are supporting an Autocratic Dictatorship, etc..." Under Pres. Trump the only constraints to freedom of speech and the written word was the protection of sensitive, classified information. Those things were not to be released to the public. Period. Trump did not release that info. Nothing to do with our nuclear deterrence was released. But there were no constraints on free speech.

And in final summation: As for being "an unpatriotic Clown," all I have to say is that I volunteered to serve my beloved America during the Vietnam war. I enlisted for 5 years with an option for a 6th if I decided to go to Officer Candidate School. At the time I was planning on making the Navy a lifelong career. Only medical reasons prevented that dream from coming true.

If, and when this nation has to face going to war I pray to the Good Lord that it will not be under Biden or any other such as he. If Mr. Afraid to Give His Name would like to rebut this... be my guest. I'm not afraid.


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