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Probably the most frequently asked question is "Why?" As children we bombarded our parents with such questions as... "Why do I have to do this?" "Why do I have to do that?" among others, and probably the most frequently asked was: "Why me?"

Today many are bewildered at the current state of the world in general, and the state of America in particular. Why are things so confused and chaotic? Why does it seem that things are getting worse?

The simple answer is: human nature.

From early in our childhood we start reaching out to grab onto things that look good to us, smell pleasant, and satisfy our physical, emotional and spiritual desires – regardless of what harm these things and activities might inflict. If we can't latch on to those things we pitch a temper tantrum... crying, screaming, throwing things, etc. All of these childish activities have been in place since Adam and Eve had kids of their own. (Hint: kids learn a lot from their parents: what to do, what not to do, and what they can get away with.)

Adam and Eve were given permission to eat from any tree or bush they wanted, except one. Like the immature kids (and adults) of today they were more interested in satisfying their own desires (also known as pleasures) regardless of the consequences. We know the story...

They disobeyed and ate the forbidden fruit. When God confronted them with their disobedience they lied and tried to shift the blame to someone else. Adam, like many males today, tried to blame his wife. Eve also tried to shift the blame onto the serpent. No matter... they broke the law God laid down and they had to suffer the consequences. Adam and Eve were ushered out of the Garden of Eden. From that day on mankind has had to labor in order to provide for their worldly needs.

Today it seems we are over flowing with Adams and Eves. Individuals and groups are constantly blaming someone else for their problems. It seems that it is increasingly your fault or my fault for those who refuse to work not being able to afford mansions and Rolls Royce cars. Never mind that these individuals are healthy and intelligent(?) enough to be employed at numerous types of well paying jobs. They just don't want to work. They'd rather blame something that happened years ago, or yesterday, or when ever and include the rest of us in the list of those who caused their problems. Never mind the fact that neither you nor I had anything to do with what happened back then, or recently either.

So, to stay in tune with the current shrill choir I've a few whys of my own.

Why should I be required to pay for someone else's education? I paid for my own.

Why should I be required to subsidize (i.e. pay the bills) of those who are perfectly healthy and able to work, but who refuse to do so for sundry teary eyed excuses? Again, I pay my own.

And why should I meekly (aka surrender) to the shrill squeaks and squawks of those who want my money (taxes) to be used to provide their desires: expensive mansions, multiple many thousand dollar cars, etc.

If you fit the above descriptions I have some sound advice for you. Get off your dead beat behinds and get a job.

If you are a taxpaying citizen then start pressuring (non violently, of course) our elected representatives (from city council to national offices) to work for you and I. After all, we pay their salaries. If they won't listen – vote them out and get someone new, and keep doing it until we obtain public servants who will work for you and I. Start with the President of the U.S. and work our way down. And while doing this let's keep reducing their salaries until they get the message.

How much better would our nation be if that could come to pass!

I know my wallet would be in a lot better shape. How about yours?

Why not!


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