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Paid to Commit Suicide

Some are addicted to alcohol. Some are addicted to various narcotics, while others are addicted to various perversions. Our nation and world has increasingly become addicted to these and other things to the extent that we have all but passed the national fatality level.

Most of us are aware of the various drug addictions that plague our fellow Americans. In every part of the nation there are young and old who are addicted to the junk that is pouring over our so called sovereign borders. The alarms have been sounding about these dangers to our citizens for quite awhile.

But there is another form of addiction that is more sinister and deadly to our national survival: MONEY POWER. Money is enabling a miniscule percentage of our population to gain enormous amounts of leverage (also known as control or proprietary ownership) over an ever increasing number of American citizens.

Every large and medium size corporation has for many years instituted training for their employees. In the beginning this training was mainly focused on job skills and things that increase productivity and employee satisfaction. Unfortunately over time more and more "social" and left wing political ideology has crept into these training sessions.

I speak with knowledge of this type of training because I experienced it first hand at one of my former jobs. After talking with others around the nation face-to-face, on line and by snail mail, I can truthfully state that employee and youth training (usually at our public schools) is leaning increasingly towards the socialist (i.e. centralized power structure) form of society and government. It is right here in our faces.

The problem with socialism and all of it's variations is that it has always been a one way street leading to something you and I really don't want to experience.

Socialism is not new. It has been around for a few thousand years, starting with the social climbers that tried to build a stairway to heaven with the tower of Babel. But only recently has it been given this false name. There is nothing "social" about socialism. It is completely divisive of people and destructive to freedom.

Even a shallow dive into history reveals that every nation and every people group that has instituted the various forms of socialism shows that it leads to something few want. It always leads to a dictatorship by a select few and slavery for the masses. In the end every time socialism has been tried it has lead to misery, chaos and failure.

Those who want to implement socialism (those who want to rule over you and I) use the ages old "carrot and stick" routine. They talk about leveling the playing field and making every individual equal to every other individual in every way possible. This has a major flaw. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, is ever "equal" to anyone else.

I've had a lot of different jobs over the past several decades. I've washed windows, poured concrete, hammered nails, done a little arc welding, worked on Talos missiles and launch systems, delivered newspapers, help start one from scratch, ran printing presses, been a photographer, reporter, editor, etc. Some of these jobs were relatively easy to do. Some I was really good at... others not so much!

What I've learned with those several jobs and decades of time is that you can pay someone a good deal of money and still receive lousy results. What is going on in our national government (and many state governments) fits this narrative. We are paying a lot of money to so-called leaders who should know better and who should give us better results. Instead we have elected politicians who, by and large, only know how to spin their fairy tales to make them sound good so they can gain more power over you and I.

The problem is that every nation, every society, that has tried to pay its members in a way that is socially "equitable" ends up being a top down dictatorship. Those who have the most money and the most political power become the rulers who tell everyone one else what to do and when to do it. In other words: socialism, communism, fascism and every other type of dictatorial "ism" you can devise.

In the end, history has shown that none of them do the average person any good... unless you enjoy being a slave. And eventually, sooner or later, every attempt to utilize any form of government based on "equity" has, and will, fail.

God help us not to fall into this trap that will only lead to the nation of America committing suicide. Instead, let us encourage and aid those around us to strive to be the best they can. In this way, you and I can make America better and better for everyone. And, we can do it faster, cheaper and easier than any government program, law or social theory can!


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