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Delta Dawn When the Light Comes On: Week Three

"Stop the fear! Only Believe!" Jesus roared into a crowd gathered on the shores of Lake Galilee. Mark 5:36. Two people obeyed. Torment is a product of what one sees, hears and believes in the heart. Faith works exactly the same way,

Fear tormented Jairus as his 12-year-old daughter lie very ill. However, he had seen and heard that Jesus healed and made people whole. A woman with a 12-year issue of blood had heard and seen this, also. What they believed in their hearts was going to make all the difference, today!

People came to tell Jairus his daughter was dead. Jesus deliberately hurled the command! He had agreed to attend Jairus, but this woman stopped Him short. Jairus reached a point of offense or to remain calm. He wisely said nothing. 

Because of Jewish laws concerning an issue of blood, the woman was not to be in public places. Jairus could have thrown her into jail. She knew he knew. However, she believed that God would make a way and said, "If I but touch the hem of His Prayer Shawl, I will be healed." She captured Jesus' attention by doing exactly that! He saw faith at work and declared, "Your faith has made you whole! Go in peace!" 

Jesus' teaching of Mark 11:23,24 came clear: what you say is what you get when you believe it. The woman's testimony began to build hope in Jairus' heart. Faith took ahold for him and Jesus raised his daughter from the dead just as Jairus believed and said. Mark 5:42

Torment comes by thought of teachings against God and His Kingdom bought by Jesus' Blood on the cross. Attitudes develop according to what we like or don't like. What we believe is the anchor. Attitudes rise up, behavior goes down as does a teeter-totter. What we think, we will say and do. What we do decides our destiny. Destiny decides our outcome. "Stop the fear! Only Believe!" 

Hope anchors the soul's thoughts, will and emotions. Faith, patience and self-control allow us to be kind, gentle and good. This brings the peace that passes understanding and joy strengthens our resolve which is Love: God's unfailing Grace! Attributes (fruit) of Holy Spirit are ignited by faith (belief at work), which begins growth into knowledge, wisdom and discerning of spirits ruling the circumstance. This revelation brings one to speak (prophesy) by tongues and interpretation of tongues. A corporate effect activates gifts of healings and working of miracles. Galatians 5:22, 23 & I Corinthians 12:7-11

2024 promises a fuller measure of Father's Spirit in rest, restitution and open doors of opportunity! Let us believe and steam into the future, all ahead full! What held us back in the past is not where we hang our hats, or quit. This generation needs us, just as we needed generations before us. Let us fearlessly speak and act in God's Truth! Matthew 6:33

"One generation shall declare your works to another and declare You Mighty acts." Psalm 145:4 

Next Week: Right O' Way


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