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Letter to the Editor - Opportunity Scholarship Act LB753

To Whom It May Concern,

The mischaracterization of Nebraska’s Opportunity Scholarship Act (LB753) is a willful attempt to mislead voters. In a true sense it does take tax dollars away from public schools but this is only a half-truth. The remaining unspoken truth is that for many years public schools have saved money from parents sending their children to nonpublic schools. The fact that this is a parent’s choice is irrelevant to the positive economic impact for Public schools that save immense costs while parents still pay the same taxes supporting public schools.

I think it’s beneath our Nebraska educators’ high standards for their union representatives to engage in self serving misinformation to protect their wealth which comes from teachers union dues. Our teachers and parents deserve better.

Most every state now has some form of school choice. Nebraska law makers have studied and recognized this also and passed LB753 by a 3 to 1 margin! States have come to recognized the benefits to students of every background which are well documented. Despite this nationwide success unions have fought this progress to protect their wealth and power.

More than ever, our country needs the best education for our kids. Nebraska’s Opportunity Scholarship Act (Lb753) will add a uniquely valuable asset to the positive contributions of our public school teachers. Please support Nebraska’s Opportunity Scholarship Act LB 753.

Deryl Travis Jr.

Lincoln, NE


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