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Delta Dawn When the Light Comes On: Week Four

"He who heeds instruction gets understanding. Honoring the Lord is the rebuke of wisdom, and before honor is humility. The ear that hears rebukes (instruction) of life will abide among the wise." Proverbs 15:33. 31

Prophetic Utterance: "I founded Israel because I loved the people, says the Lord. I uphold the United States of America because the people loved Me." This truth has almost vanished from Christian ethics and the U.S. Constitution in the last 6 decades.

Many are launched into ministries with amazing signs, wonders and miracles, because they place humility before honor. One of those was Charles Haddon Spurgeon, born in London, June 19, 1834. Known as the "Prine of Preachers", he was continually happy that "The Lamb of God takes away the sins of the world."  

The year was 1854. Across town lived Charles Darwin, teaching survival of the fittest and Karl Marx teaching there is no God. Darwin had his followers. Marx had his, but they were nothing compared to the crowds Spurgeon drew. Their ideas began creeping into the Church. Spurgeon spoke against it. At age 23, London's biggest venue, the Crystal Palace, found 23,854 people eager to hear Spurgeon's soothing and inspiring message of God's love. (Wikipedia). The people of London had spoken, so Darwin and Marx began to combine messages and create an agenda which, in itself, has become a world-wide religion, today.

This is not new. Consider Acts 4:25-31. Peter and the Apostles had been beaten and charged not to speak, again, in the Name of Jesus. Gathered for prayer they said, "And now. Lord, take notice of their threats and grant that Your bond-servants may speak Your Word with all confidence while You extend Your Hand to heal, and signs and wonders take place through the Name of Your Holy Child, Jesus." NASB Corporate agreement in prayer called for God to move. The place where they were gathered started shaking and "boldness came upon them all". 

Kirk Cameron recently stated, "Christians dropped their playbook in the field of the world and the devil took it up to use against us." The Bible is clear about right and wrong. The devil knows what God has said and comes, immediately, to tear out any Word planted in our hearts. If he does not succeed in this, we will resist his ploys of worldly care, affliction, persecution, lust for other things and we will not be deceived by worldly riches. We will take up the whole armor of God and resist the devil, because Jesus' Blood paid the entire price for sin, once and for all. Legally, it's "Game Over!" Let us take our stand! Mark 4; Ephesians 6. 

"Jesus said, it is given to you to know the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven, for whoever has understanding, to him more will be given, but for him who has none, what understanding he does have will be taken away because seeing he does not see, hearing he does not hear, otherwise I would come and heal the land." Matthew 13:12, 13  

Next Week: Dream Design.


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