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Two Receive Sentences of Probation Only in Local Burglary Cases

Mike Motz

Sidney Sun-Telegraph

SIDNEY-- Christy Pinatelli was sentenced on Wednesday, January 17, in Cheyenne County District Court in connection with a Burglary case at Haupt Storage in May of 2023. Pinatelli appeared before Judge Derek Weimer, and was represented by defense attorney Don Miller. Pinatelli was in custody for 46 days after her arrest for Aiding and Abetting Burglary, a Class II Felony. After Miller noted that Pinatelli had successfully completed probation stemming from a 2018 arrest, Cheyenne County Attorney Amber Horn noted that Pinatelli had committed this recent offense while out on bond, and the State was looking for a higher level of supervision.

Miller had requested probation as Pinatelli has been in treatment for the past few months, and has tested negative for Methamphetamines and Marijuana in all of her required tests. Miller explained that Pinatelli's drug addiction and her association with another man involved in the case, who is currently in custody, contributed to her drug problems and involvement with the burglary. Miller noted the defendant was currently going through divorce proceedings, has children, and is currently working at two jobs. She plans on getting a third job once the new Dominos restaurant opens in Sidney at the end of January. She currently attends Narcotics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery regularly and seems to have gotten her life turned around and back in order. She does not associate with the man involved in the burglary and cooperated with the State with her testimony in that case.

Judge Weimer addressed the defendant before passing the sentence, saying that the driving factor in her behavior was her drug addiction. “If your need to consume narcotics is not stopped, you are going to jail,” he said. He noted that the defendant must do everything possible to stay off of drugs and alcohol and that if she ever appeared before him again, she would go straight to prison. She was sentenced to 36 months of probation with no drugs or alcohol allowed, a regular testing requirement, and maintenance of employment as conditions for her probation. She was ordered to pay $40 per month in administrative fees and court costs and must undergo substance abuse and mental health evaluations. She was incarcerated for 46 days and that period was credited as time served.

Another sentencing hearing was held on Tuesday, January 23, for Michelle Doetker, for her involvement with the Winner's burglary back on January 2, 2023. She was charged with two misdemeanors in the incident. She was represented via Zoom by Stacy Bach, who said that it was an unusual case, as Doetker had no real criminal record and no drugs, alcohol, or violence was involved. Bach said the Doetker was influenced by the male defendant in the case, Matthew Cole, through intimidation. Bach said that Doetker was afraid of the defendant, and acted in a way not consistent with her history due to this fear. Cole is currently incarcerated in eastern Nebraska on an unrelated charge.

Judge Weimer sentenced Doetker to 24 months of bench probation, with $40 in administrative fees and $164 in court costs. Doetker must also provide a DNA sample to be included in a law enforcement database as per Nebraska state statute.


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