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  • What Democrats will never do to defend democracy

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jan 25, 2024

    Joe Biden went to Valley Forge to give a big speech telling us how much he cares about defending democracy against the threat represented by Donald Trump. How much does President Biden care? Enough to give a speech defending democracy, one of what's sure to be many if Trump is his opponent. Biden's alarm about the precariousness of the American system, though, will never translate into actions he wouldn't otherwise want to take. To wit, if Joe Biden were, as a matter of the principle, devoted... Full story

  • The AWOL Defense Secretary

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jan 18, 2024

    Anyone following how weak and passive the U.S. has been in the face of provocations from our adversaries in the Middle East might conclude that the secretary of defense has gone missing. And, at least for a few days last week, he literally was. In an age when it's nearly impossible to go off the grid, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin managed it. He failed to notify the White House and other key players that he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit. This, needless to say, is not an... Full story

  • Confession of a public-health expert

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jan 11, 2024

    The public-health officials are getting around to admitting the fallibility of public-health officials. The former head of the National Institutes of Health during the pandemic and current science advisor to President Joe Biden, Francis Collins, has noted that he and his colleagues demonstrated an "unfortunate" narrow-mindedness. This is a welcome, if belated, confession. Not too long ago, anyone who said that epidemiologists might be overly focused on disease prevention to the exclusion of... Full story

  • Trump's opponents not playing by the book

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jan 4, 2024

    You might have heard that Donald Trump is going to be a dictator if he wins the presidency next year. Among other things, he's threatening to target his political opponents. Let's stipulate that Trump is a provocateur who freaks out his opponents even when he's on relatively good behavior. And his conduct after the 2020 election was genuinely alarming and deeply wrong. He shouldn't talk about going after his political enemies, let alone actually do it if he takes power again. But the vapors... Full story

  • Where's the big immigration debate?

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Dec 28, 2023

    Do you remember the big national debate on whether the United States would adopt a policy to make the foreign share of the population the highest it’s ever been? Neither do I. For the simple reason, of course, that there wasn’t one. That doesn’t mean that the policy wasn’t adopted, through inertia and the Biden administration’s imposition of a de facto open border for a large swath of asylum-seekers. An analysis of Census data by Steve Camarota and his colleagues at the Center for Immi... Full story

  • No, Henry Kissinger was not a war criminal

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Dec 14, 2023

    Henry Kissinger, the great American statesman who has died at age 100, stands accused by his critics of many things, but perhaps the most outlandish is that he bears responsibility for the killing fields of Pol Pot's Cambodia. Implementing a radical communist vision drawn from Mao and especially the Cultural Revolution, Pol Pot and his comrades killed roughly a quarter of the country's population through execution and starvation resulting from forced collectivization and population transfers.... Full story

  • Was Napoleon a dullard?

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Dec 7, 2023

    The figure of Napoleon has long been an object of fascination, but the new Ridley Scott biopic makes one wonder why. The film, perhaps inadvertently, partakes of the spirit of the times. The so-called Great Man theory of history -- that it is exceptionally talented men who bend events to their will -- is out of favor. Accordingly, the movie renders the stereotypical great man, Napoleon, as doltish and uninteresting. No man is a hero to his valet, goes the old saying. But can't he at least be a h... Full story

  • The new Arab street is here at home

    Rich Lowry, Columnist|Nov 30, 2023

    The old conventional wisdom was that the U.S. couldn't be too pro-Israel for fear of inflaming "the Arab street." The new conventional wisdom will have to be that we can't be too pro-Israel for fear of inflaming "the Western street." The Arab street, a hoary cliche of commentary on the Middle East for decades, was a reference to public opinion in the Arab countries, with the strong implication that if we offended it, the result would be massive anti-Western demonstrations and perhaps violence. W... Full story

  • Ta-Nehisi Coates is a moral idiot

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Nov 23, 2023

    The celebrated author Ta-Nehisi Coates is not reliable regarding things he's spent considerable time thinking about here in the U.S., so it's presumably a mistake to put much stock in his newly formed opinions about matters he barely knows anything about. He proved as much in an interview about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the other day on Democracy Now! At the outset, Coates announced his opposition to "complexity" and "complication," and left little doubt about his sincerity in that... Full story

  • There's one easy trick to winning in 2024

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Nov 16, 2023

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has a history, and a present, of promoting wild conspiracy theories. His independent bid for the presidency is quixotic at best. And yet a new Quinnipiac poll has him getting an impressive 22% in a three-way contest with Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and with a narrow lead among independents. This should be less encouraging to RFK than a warning sign to the major parties that they are courting disaster by nominating two candidates so unappealing that a solid bloc of voters,... Full story

  • The Trump Doctrine

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Nov 2, 2023

    Luck is the residue of design, they say. Might it also be the residue of frightening and confusing foreign adversaries? Donald Trump's relatively crisis-free presidency in foreign affairs has created a sense, perhaps an accurate one, that he cowed enemies into not challenging the U.S. As Sen. Tom Cotton has pointed out, Kabul didn't collapse on Trump's watch, Russia didn't invade Ukraine and Hamas didn't launch a historic terror attack on Israel. Now this may have just been good fortune. Four... Full story

  • The superpower that can't arm itself

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Oct 26, 2023

    No matter how much we’d like to believe in the inevitably of human progress and the spread of enlightened norms, we’ve learned the past couple of years that we still need artillery shells -- lots of artillery shells. The Hamas terror attack, together with the ongoing Ukraine war and the looming Chinese threat to Taiwan, is putting a spotlight on the pitiful state of our capacity to manufacture the weapons necessary to the defense of our allies and ourselves. According to a CNN report, an... Full story

  • Israel is not a Colonial State

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Oct 19, 2023

    It doesn't take long to read or listen to anti-Israel advocacy before the word "colonial" or "colonialism" is hurled at the Jewish state. After the spasm of Hamas murder, rape, and kidnapping over the weekend, the U.S. Palestinian Community Network exclaimed, "Our people are waging an anti-colonial, anti-occupation, and anti-Zionist liberation struggle!" According to an anti-Israel statement signed by dozens of student groups at Harvard, Israel is undertaking "colonial retaliation." An academic... Full story

  • A bomb thrower targets his own

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Oct 12, 2023

    The Matt Gaetz moment is upon us, and unless you enjoy politics as absurdist theater, you might want to skip it. The bomb-throwing Republican congressman from Florida, who has hitherto distinguished himself with sundry attention-getting antics, is making his biggest play yet by trying to remove Kevin McCarthy from the speakership by offering a so-called motion to vacate. McCarthy’s alleged offense is relying on Democratic votes to pass a last-minute spending measure over the weekend to avert... Full story

  • Joe Biden made the worst vice-presidential pick of the last 50 years

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Oct 5, 2023

    Poor Kamala Harris. The alleged misogyny that is tearing at her vice presidency apparently extends to highly partisan Democratic leaders such as Jamie Raskin and Nancy Pelosi. Both of them caused ripples when their praise for Harris in recent TV interviews was notably cool, as if they were at a high-end fundraising dinner and hated the escargot but had to try to convince the hostess that they really loved it. The Biden campaign reportedly contacted both Raskin and Pelosi. The Maryland... Full story

  • John Fetterman makes the U.S. Senate safe for disgraceful slobs

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Sep 28, 2023

    John Fetterman's Senate legacy is now set -- he's the guy who made it possible to dress like a slob. What the Missouri Compromise was to Henry Clay, what the Second Reply to Hayne was to Daniel Webster, what the Civil Rights Act of 1957 was to Lyndon Johnson, Carhartt sweatshirts and baggy shorts will be to John Fetterman. The Pennsylvania senator is the poster boy -- if self-indulgent sloppiness is your thing -- for the Senate dropping a dress code that required senators to dress in business... Full story

  • No, we aren't Rome

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Sep 14, 2023

    An op-ed in The New York Times warns, as the headline puts it, that “America is an empire in decline,” and finds a precedent in imperial Rome. The piece, written by the co-author of a new book, “Why Empires Fall: Rome, America, and the Future of the West,” shows that the cottage industry in comparisons between the United States and Rome is as robust as ever. It is an irresistible temptation to superimpose the history of Rome and especially its decline and fall -- an enduring subject of f... Full story

  • Trump creates a spin-off

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Sep 7, 2023

    Just how dominant is Donald Trump in the Republican Party? He's so far ahead in the polls that he felt comfortable skipping the first GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, while on the actual debate stage, his epigone, Vivek Ramaswamy, soaked up an outsized portion of the attention. The 38-year-old billionaire biotech entrepreneur shows that the Trump brand is so strong that it can create successful subsidiaries, the Trump storyline so compelling that subplots can be spun off into their own prog... Full story

  • The GOP race is not quite as over as it looks

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Aug 31, 2023

    If it "got late early" in the old majestic Yankee Stadium with its long shadows, as the famous Yogi Berra quote had it, it's gotten late before about the fourth inning in the Republican presidential race. In 2016, Donald Trump loved to pump out the results of unreliable online polls that showed him trouncing his competitors by ridiculous margins. Now, he doesn't need to bother with the shoddy polls; he can do the same thing with blue-chip media polls. The new national CBS poll has him leading se... Full story

  • Mutually assured re-nomination

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Aug 3, 2023

    There's being fortunate in your enemies, and then there's having enemies who are helping you take the first step in your political comeback. Donald Trump and his adversaries want profoundly different things in the long run -- Trump wants to be back in the White House; Democrats want him in an orange jumpsuit. Yet, in the shorter term, they both are seeking the same thing -- Trump as the Republican nominee, either so he can sweep to victory (Trump's view) or be beaten again and held to account... Full story

  • The military doesn't need diversity, equity and inclusion

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jul 27, 2023

    House Republicans voted to end diversity, equity and inclusion programs and personnel at the Pentagon, and one wonders whether the U.S. military will ever be the same. The provision was one of a number of anti-"woke" measures in the House-passed National Defense Authorization Act -- including reversing the Pentagon's new abortion-enabling paid travel and leave policies -- that have occasioned sputtering outrage. According to National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, there's no way that... Full story

  • The tragedy of Russia

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jul 6, 2023

    On the one hand, events in Russia this past weekend were stunning -- the leader of a mercenary group declaring against the country's military leadership and, for 24 hours, marching on Moscow. On the other, they were about what you'd expect in a Russia that, across the long centuries of its existence, has never managed to achieve Western standards of self-government. Everything we need to know about Russia was made clear by its brutish, cynical and incompetent invasion of Ukraine. But the... Full story

  • There should be no "woke" in baseball

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jun 29, 2023

    It's not unusual for prayer to play a role in sports. "Spahn, Sain, and pray for rain!" was the famous refrain of Boston Braves fans in 1948, when they wanted their exceptional pitchers Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain to start as many games as possible. A couple of years ago, the team chaplain of the Loyola Chicago men's basketball team, Sister Jean, prayed before a game against Illinois in the NCAA Tournament, "As we play the Fighting Illini, we ask for special help to overcome this team and get... Full story

  • Against the Pride Flag

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jun 22, 2023

    It's June, when one can be forgiven for thinking we live in the United States of LGBTQIA2S+. Old Glory is, at best, supplemented with, and sometimes supplanted by, the pride flag in all its varieties. The flag, which has become more and more unsightly, is ubiquitous. Its increasingly elaborate jumble of clashing stripes -- whether seen shopping, at a ballgame or on U.S. government buildings -- is a reminder to get with the program, and that the program is always changing. Team Biden draped what... Full story

  • Democrats are making a crazy bet

    Rich Lowry, American Writer and Columnist|Jun 15, 2023

    President Joe Biden's fall at the end of the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony was a brief event. He tripped, got helped up, and walked off under his own power. Sometimes, though, a small thing is fraught with meaning -- and with peril. Biden's stumbles are not minor incidents, or a laughing matter. We aren't talking about a manufactured narrative about President Jerry Ford's alleged clumsiness played up on "Saturday Night Live." Biden is 80 years old, is in decline, and has a stiff,... Full story

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