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Straight Talk From Steve: Expanding CNPPID's Empire

One of the biggest problems facing states today is empire building. Empire building is the mentality of growing governmental entities without regard for the best interests of the community or the inte... Full story

 By Rich Lowry    Opinion    September 28, 2023 

John Fetterman makes the U.S. Senate safe for disgraceful slobs

John Fetterman's Senate legacy is now set -- he's the guy who made it possible to dress like a slob. What the Missouri Compromise was to Henry Clay, what the Second Reply to Hayne was to Daniel... Full story


Delta Dawn When the Light Comes On: Week 39

“The feasts of the Lord which you (Moses) shall proclaim to be holy convocations are My Moeds (holy days).” Days of feasting and worship were put in place by God to mystify and confound the enemy... Full story

 By Bill Benson    Opinion    September 28, 2023 

Peering Into The Future

Some people possess a talent to peer deep into the future. In Biblical times people called them prophets. In the Middle Ages, people believed them wizards. Today they are economists who make... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I don’t normally do this, write a letter to the editor that is. But I wanted to give you a public show of support and to thank you for the opinion piece “Community Arbi-Traitors” that ran last week in this paper. It’s about time... Full story


Community Arbi-Traitors

Margaret Thatcher famously said "If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time, and you would achieve nothing." Britain's Prime Minister from 1979 to... Full story


Delta Dawn When the Light Comes On: Week 39

"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgiveorgive and cleanse (purify, beautify) us from all unrighteousness (whatever is not like Him)" I John 1:9 Yom Kippur. The Day of Atonement.... Full story


Fighting Fire

My Navy boot company spent 2 days sweating in Southern California heat learning to handle fire hoses and how to put out shipboard fires with nothing but water. In 1967 the Western U.S. Navy Boot Camp... Full story


Straight Talk From Steve: The Labor Shortage

Last month Gov. Jim Pillen put together a new task force to examine Nebraska's workforce shortage. In predictable fashion, Gov. Pillen stacked the task force with those who continue to ignore... Full story


No, we aren't Rome

An op-ed in The New York Times warns, as the headline puts it, that “America is an empire in decline,” and finds a precedent in imperial Rome. The piece, written by the co-author of a new book, ... Full story


Motza, Israel

The main highway running east to west across Israel's width is Highway One. It connects Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to the Jordan River Valley, near Jericho. In 2012, highway contractors working five... Full story


Straight Talk From Steve: The Sports and Spaces Act

Last week Riley Gaines came to Nebraska. Who is Riley Gaines? Riley Gaines is one of America's most decorated female swimmers. Swimming for the University of Kentucky, she became a 12-time... Full story


Trump creates a spin-off

Just how dominant is Donald Trump in the Republican Party? He's so far ahead in the polls that he felt comfortable skipping the first GOP presidential debate in Milwaukee, while on the actual debate s... Full story


Delta Dawn When the Light Comes On: Week 36

"One generation shall praise Your works to another, and declare Your mighty acts." Psalm 145:4 Ah, September! School, again. Football, again. New friends, again. We never outgrow it. Nostalgia takes... Full story


I love Latin!

Once in a while us males have to show off our intelligence, just to prove that the main stream media is not as accurate (aka smart) as they would have us believe. So, here goes my attempt... I... Full story


Straight Talk From Steve: The Heartbeat Omnibus Bill

Last week the South Carolina State Supreme Court upheld that state's new law banning abortions after the sixth week of gestation. Bill's which ban abortions after the sixth week are known as... Full story

 By Rich Lowry    Opinion    August 31, 2023

The GOP race is not quite as over as it looks

If it "got late early" in the old majestic Yankee Stadium with its long shadows, as the famous Yogi Berra quote had it, it's gotten late before about the fourth inning in the Republican presidential r... Full story


Delta Dawn When the Light Comes On: Week 35

"Come unto Me, all you who are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28. Rest is not laziness or quitting. It is doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason with the... Full story

 By Bill Benson    Opinion    August 31, 2023

Books and Censorship

The list of banned, censored, and challenged books is long and illustrious.       Decameron (1353) by Giovanni Boccaccio, and Canterbury Tales (1476) by Geoffrey Chaucer were banned from U.... Full story


Straight Talk From Steve: LB-589

Whenever it comes to delivering on property tax relief for the good, hardworking citizens of Nebraska, governmental entities with tax asking authority always seem to find ways to shut it down, and... Full story


Supporting Our Seniors

Our seniors face ever-growing challenges. Rising costs, attacks on their retirement savings, fraud, and identity theft threaten what they spent a lifetime building. Many of the facilities that care... Full story


Delta Dawn When the Light Comes On: Week 32

"While the earth remains, seed-time and harvest..." Genesis 8:22. God has a Plan. Sowing and reaping is constant, going on at all times. Even unbelievers will tap into this prosperity. God enhances...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    August 24, 2023


Police raiding a newspaper and confiscating reporting material seems like something one would expect to find in a banana-republic, or in a scene from a dystopian novel. Yet, that is exactly what happened recently to the Marion County Record. The... Full story


Straight Talk From Steve: ES & S Machines

Are Nebraska's elections fair, accurate, and transparent? To answer this question, concerned citizens must consider how Nebraska counts its ballots in statewide elections. Nebraska uses ES&S vote coun... Full story


Some Gave All

Ordinarily country and western style music doesn't trip my trigger, but in 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus released the song "Some Gave All" that really struck a chord deep down in my soul. As a Navy veteran of... Full story


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