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Supporting Our Seniors

Our seniors face ever-growing challenges. Rising costs, attacks on their retirement savings, fraud, and identity theft threaten what they spent a lifetime building. Many of the facilities that care... Full story

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    July 27, 2023

A Next Step for All Americans

One of the things I am most proud of from my time as Governor was how we improved services. One way we did this was by helping low-income Nebraskans find quality, higher-paying jobs through an innovat... Full story

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    July 13, 2023

Farm Families Need College to Stay Affordable

The deadline for Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms for the 2023-2024 academic year recently closed on June 30th. FAFSA is the form students and prospective students fill out to... Full story

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    July 6, 2023

Our American Flag

As we gather to celebrate the birth of our great nation on this Fourth of July, it is an opportunity to reflect upon the values and ideals that have made America the greatest country that has ever... Full story

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    June 29, 2023

Fighting for Life

One year ago this week, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down one of the most important decisions in its history. For years, loud voices on the left have demanded the right to an... Full story

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    May 25, 2023

Backing The Blue

From our southern border to our own backyard, law enforcement are essential to our safety and security. These courageous women and men in blue make the Good Life we enjoy in Nebraska possible. They pu... Full story


Navigable Means Navigable

Last week, I spoke on the Senate floor to fight a blatant power grab by the federal government. The Senate considered a resolution attempting to block the "Waters of the United States" (WOTUS) rule... Full story


It's Always the Season to Serve Others in Nebraska

The holiday season is full of examples of Nebraskans taking the time to help one another. Just think of the bells we hear and the red Salvation Army buckets we see at the entrances of the stores... Full story


Together, We've Made Nebraska a Global Brand

In Nebraska, the crops we grow, livestock we raise, goods we manufacture, and innovations we develop make an impact far beyond our borders. Nebraskans have long known that. Increasingly, the world... Full story


Connecting Nebraska's Waiting Children With Forever Families

The family unit plays a crucial role in shaping a child's life. A loving home is a tremendous blessing –it's easy for many of us to take that for granted. But there are nearly 500 children in Nebras... Full story


Grateful For the Good Life

As Nebraskans, we're fortunate to live in a state where we enjoy peace, prosperity, and the blessings of liberty. As we celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, there are plenty of reasons to... Full story


Nebraska's Fast-Growing Bioscience Industry

In 2024, NASA will send a small surgical robot from Nebraska to the International Space Station.  The tiny, two-pound robot will be able to perform surgeries on the space station that would normally...


Bridging the Digital Divide

Over the years, Nebraskans have built thousands of miles of trails, rails, power lines, and highways to connect our state. This connectivity has helped our urban and rural communities thrive. Yet as...


Protecting Title IX from the Biden Administration

Fifty years ago, women’s volleyball wasn’t even a varsity sport at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). Fast forward a half century, and Nebraska volleyball is must-see e...


Coming Together to Grow Nebraska

Nebraska is experiencing terrific growth. We’ve seen big success creating jobs, cutting taxes, and attracting investment to our state. This week, I’m hosting Nebraska’s Ag and Economic Developme...


Nothing More Nebraskan Than the State Fair

We’re less than a month away from our state’s biggest annual celebration — the Nebraska State Fair.  From August 26th through September 5th, Nebraskans from across the state will gather to...


Countering Communist China

This month, I issued a proclamation declaring July 2022 as “Victims of Communism Month” in Nebraska.  This is the second year in a row that I’ve issued this proclamation as a way to highlight...

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    July 27, 2022

Telling the Story of Chief Standing Bear

 One of America’s greatest civil rights heroes is from Nebraska.  Yet nationally, almost nobody knows about him.  As Nebraskans, we’re changing that by telling Chief Standing Bear’s story....

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    July 13, 2022

Celebrating 85 Years of the Nebraska State Patrol

In 1937, the Nebraska Safety Patrol was formed to address the rising problem of crashes on our state’s roads.  Eighty-five years later, that organization still stands—now known as the Nebraska...

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    June 29, 2022

Curbing America's Corrosive Inflation

Americans are experiencing pain at the pump and sticker shock at the store. Prices continue to soar. This out-of-control inflation is corrosive to the financial health of America’s families. The fai...

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    June 15, 2022

Keeping Mental Health a Priority

Mental illness is a national public health issue that affects Nebraska as well.  During my time as Governor, we’ve made mental health a priority and have rolled out several programs to identify...

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    June 8, 2022

A Letter To Nebraska's Graduates

Dear College Graduates, Congratulations!  You did it!  You persevered through a once-in-a-century pandemic to earn your degree.  Your disciplined study and hard work have paid off.  You’ve put...

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    May 18, 2022

When Disaster Strikes, Nebraskans Show Up

Grit and determination.  Readiness to help at a moment’s notice.  Willingness to work long and hard.  Steadfastness in the face of difficulty.  These are the qualities that define us as Nebraska...

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    May 11, 2022

Unfinished Business: Enhancing Nebraska's Commitmentto Protecting Second Amendment Rights

Nebraskans have long been strong supporters of the right to keep and bear arms.  Nearly 85 years after it was enshrined in the Second Amendment at the federal level, Nebraska’s leaders chose to...

 By Pete Ricketts    Opinion    May 4, 2022

A History-Making 60 Days

The 2022 Legislative Session will go down in history as one of the Nebraska Unicameral’s finest.  In just 60 days, the Legislature passed record tax relief, made critical public safety...


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