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By Will Korn 

Talking Sports: From Texas to Sidney-A New Beginning


Just three short weeks ago I was sitting at a computer in Austin, Texas applying for my first full time job in the news industry. I spent hours shelling out application after application to newspapers all over the nation—from Connecticut to Washington and everywhere in between.

Sitting at that computer that day, I had no idea I would end up in Sidney, Nebraska.

I’m what you might call a classic Texas boy—outside of an occasional vacation I hadn’t lived one day of my life beyond the borders of the Lone Star state until I arrived in Sidney last Saturday.

But take it from a native Texan: over the last few days I’ve been around town, the people of this community have greeted me with what we Texans usually refer to as a “big Texas welcome.”

Moving three states and exactly 983 miles north of my home in north San Antonio has been a hectic task. So far, I’ve only covered one Post 17 legion baseball game, but I am really impressed with and grateful for the kindness of the people in Sidney.

When I crossed the Texas-Oklahoma border early last Saturday morning, I knew I was leaving home for a while. But the people I’ve met here in Sidney have really made me feel as though part of home left with me.

Now on to a little about myself.

I just graduated from The University of Texas at Austin in May with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. I bleed burnt orange and white. So you’ll have to excuse me if you see me in town wearing any one of my nine or so Longhorns t-shirts.

Sports are my passion—I live and breathe it. As a kid I always dreamed of playing professional sports and after watching Space Jam and Rudy more times than I can remember, I came to believe anything was possible with the right attitude.

Well, only for another couple of years at least.

At age seven, I sadly realized that pro sports just weren’t in the cards for me. I just didn’t have the incredible gift of athleticism that so few in this world are blessed with.

As I take a look back at that moment in my life and run it parallel to all of my experiences up to this point, I knew I had to find a way to keep sports in my life.

After all, it did and probably still does take up around say 75 percent of my brain’s capacity.

With that revelation, I found my dream job late in my sophomore year at UT: sports journalism. I told myself “If I can’t play professional sports, I can sure as heck write about them.”

I got started immediately on my new career path. Over my final two years in college I had the privilege of developing several remarkable connections with industry professionals who have undoubtedly helped me to where I am now.

In college I spent time at The Austin American-Statesman as a high school sports freelancer. Currently I also write for Bleacher Report as a Texas Rangers featured columnist. I’m a gargantuan baseball fan—no I’m not exaggerating—so if you ever see me around town and feel like talking baseball, fire away.

I know the sport probably doesn’t register around these parts, but if there are any hockey, especially NHL fans in and around town I’m your guy. The Dallas Stars are my pride and joy on the ice.

You could also say I’m old school. That’s because print news is my true love, but sports radio isn’t far behind. For a semester at UT I hosted a weekly sports radio show with a few other co-hosts who were friends of mine. It was a blast—one of the best times I’ve ever had in the news industry.

I have gotten my feet wet with TV news and it’s something I have interest in doing in the future. Everything I do works towards my life’s dream of one day becoming a Major League Baseball beat writer or becoming a senior writer for

I usually tell people I talk to that I hope either of those things comes to fruition before I die.

This industry really is that demanding and requires an incredible amount of determination and patience. But I believe I know what it takes and I’m prepared to face any and all challenges in my way head on.

I first set foot on the road to living my dream two years ago in Austin. I know that I have an amazing opportunity to continue on that journey right here in Sidney.

Once again, I thank you all for the warm welcome. Y’all—as we usually say back home—have truly made me feel like a giant piece of Texas is right here with me.

For those of you whom I have met, it was a pleasure. For those of you whom I have yet to meet here, I anxiously look forward to doing so and seeing everyone out at the games.


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