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By Forrest Hershberger
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Questions Still Remain


November 11, 2020 | View PDF

Late last week, I sketched out my view on the presidential election. Even as the keyboard was getting warm, I had this feeling that President Trump had one more card up his sleeve. Maybe it would be better said that observers and prognosticators got too busy trying to secure an ending.

As recently as Friday morning, results were spread wide enough that the view from the cheap seats gave the decision to either candidate. That changed overnight. By mid-morning, news sources were announcing Joe Biden as the President-elect. By most public comments, the Biden-Harris team won by a comfortable margin of Electoral College votes. The first irony is the number of population centers wanting a popular vote and the Electoral College. Few talk about the popular vote results, and once the Electoral College votes are verified, it will be a done deal… once they are verified.

We’re still a few months from officially having a new president, regardless if we return President Trump to office, Joe Biden’s turn or something we can’t imagine.

In one sense, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if the race ends close enough President Trump can legitimately call for a recount. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if there are accusations from the Republican side just as there were from the Democrat side. What we need to watch for and nurture is having the patience, and endurance, to see this through to the proper result. Proper doesn’t mean we all win.

What has been interesting to watch is how the self-proclaimed “Never Trumpers” went from a pending meltdown to peace and harmony and encouraging everyone to work together. I’m thinking of specific people when I say this, not every person who voted against the current administration. Social media platforms are full of anti-Trump posts with the kind of hysteria that makes one wonder how some of these people can so quickly change to “Can’t we all just get along” as soon as the results swing to their favor.

The irony is they are right. We need to be quicker to work together than spike our blood pressure because someone is in office we don’t agree with. We need to stay involved in a process designed for the common citizen to take a role.

A democratic republic means we all have the opportunity to make our voices heard, and to be part of the process. It is not a pure democracy in the Greek sense. It never was. With the design for involvement, we need to follow through and make sure our voices are heard. As I sit at the keyboard, there are accusations and mishandling of ballots. Right? Wrong? Answers might start falling before this story is published. It also begs the question: How do we move forward? It would be easy to say the objection is sour grapes by the potential second place candidate. If, on the other hand, there is truth to it, what do voters do with it?

To admit someone within the country is so focused on winning they will tamper with their own election is mind-blowing, like the crime story of the victim’s best friend being the assailant. If it is proven, it must strengthen the call for the country to unite. Put away the “Party first” mentality and get back to what is the best plan for the future of the country. It is time to walk according to the Constitution and written law instead of the “Rule of Law” like it is an understanding all people are born with. Spoiler alert. We’re not.

I was reading through a social media platform recently when I saw a quote that stuck with me. “Every season serves a purpose.” The remaining question, then, is what is the purpose of this season. Is this a wake-up call, a judgement, a genuine move forward or a casual change of government? Only time will tell. It doesn’t take a scholar to see this will be an interesting season at the least.


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