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By Dan Carlson
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More About the Great Reset


December 9, 2020 | View PDF

Last week I said I’d write more on the coming Great Reset if readers requested it. You did. So here’s more.

We can learn a lot about the Great Reset by reading its own material. It’s right there on The World Economic Forum website. And as is often the case with these things, it’s vital to look for what is NOT said or included on the site as it is to examine what is critically.

On the surface, this initiative undertaken by wealthy and powerful globalists sounds wonderful. They hit all the right buttons such as sustainability, justice, equality, integrity, diversity and more. It’s when you dive deep into HOW they want to bring all this about that we discover the devil may literally be in the details.

The Great Reset is about collectivism. It puts us all in groups and treats us as members of that group, like it or not. And it determines the attributes that define those in various groups. To do this, we must cease to exist as individuals. So beliefs, principles, ideologies and government systems based on individual rights and responsibilities must go in order to further “the collective good” – and watch out for that phrase.

This movement is subtle. Take the first sentence of The World Economic Forum’s mission statement, “The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” Can you spot the insidious poison in that sentence? Let’s break it down.

The statement makes it clear this is a top-down movement of “leaders” effecting change, not the common people. Note the sentence mentions leaders in politics, business and culture. No input from religious leaders? And they want to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

Whose agendas exactly? What of the will of the people? What is the redress of those who object to global agendas?

When we start to unpack the various initiatives under consideration in the Great Reset we find most of them roll up into three main areas: economy (as in creating a global economy), environment/climate change (as in mandatory global regulations imposed on everyone), and public safety/health (as in global leaders will decide what keeps everyone safe and healthy).

The more you read about the Great Reset, the more you realize those involved have a very low opinion of those who are not rich and powerful, but they mask that fault by insisting their efforts will benefit everyone in the long run. The philosophies that seem to direct this initiative are decidedly humanistic and godless.

Rather than see intrinsic value in each person as made in the image of God, the common folk are but cogs in a great machine destined to serve a globalist end. Parts that are interchangeable and disposable.

Sadly, many of the individuals we’re seeing tapped to serve in the Biden administration are solidly on board with the Great Reset. If Republicans cannot hold the senate in the Georgia runoff January 5, our own government will move rapidly to implement ideas put forth by reset proponents. What will that look like?

Let the editor know if you want me to write more.


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