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 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    July 29, 2020

Homeschooling? Yes, You Can

It was reported last week that filings to homeschool are up 21 percent in the state of Nebraska. It's a trend seen nationwide. And, according to an April study released by EdChoice, a national...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    July 22, 2020

Keep Decisions Local

The fight between collectivists and individualists continues to be manifested by those calling for and opposing “one size fits all” approaches in fighting the coronavirus. We see it in calls for n...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    July 15, 2020

A Time for Courage

We live in a time when fear is prevalent. Fear of a virus, fear of being called a racist, fear that something written or said years ago will return to destroy, fear of taking a wrong turn in a city...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    July 8, 2020

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more insane in American politics, the self-described billionaire genius Kanye West announced over the weekend his intention to run for president of the Unit...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    July 1, 2020

How This Will Play Out

Predicting things is something I’m pretty good at. Today I hope I’m wrong. But unless President Trump puts down his tweet phone and surrounds himself with some competent campaign staffers, the...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    June 24, 2020

How Are You Doing?

My wife and I begin each day with prayer, after which I run through about a dozen news sources to be informed about what’s going on that day. Lately a run-through of the day’s news agenda has me w...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    June 17, 2020

This Should Look Familiar

Unrest, violence and hate spilling into the streets. Increasing disorder in urban areas. Talk of the need to throw out the old order and rebuild society from the ground up. This isn’t new. We’ve s...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    June 10, 2020

Collectivism vs Individualism

The ideological war we’re witnessing in America is as old as mankind. We’ve see the pattern played out over and over throughout history. Prosperous and powerful nations become corrupt and detached...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    June 3, 2020


I’m writing this column on Sunday evening. After seeing the successful launch of the Space X rocket from a NASA facility in Florida and a successful docking with the International Space Station, I...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    May 27, 2020

Hard Choice? Not Really

I hope you feel as blessed and grateful as I do that we don’t live in a large city. One thing I hope we learn from this virus mess is that God never intended for millions of people to live on top of...

 By Dan Carlson    Opinion    May 13, 2020

Jobs As We Knew Them Are Over

We are discovering many things as a result of the corona virus and its impact. Among them are that work and jobs centralized in office buildings and business parks are over. Prior to 2020, only about...


It Doesn't Have to be Hard

Christmas is upon us. It's a Christian holiday established by Pope Julian I in 4th century A.D. to mark the intervention of God in the events of human history by sending a savior to not only offer...


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