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By Dan Carlson
Columnist Prairie Ponderings 

The Agenda


December 16, 2020 | View PDF

This is my last column about globalist agendas unless readers request more. To review, this is NOT conspiracy theory. Most of what I describe is out in the open for anyone to read on the World Economic Forum’s website. There you can read what the elite, wealthy and powerful from business, politics, academia, entertainment, media and religion have as goals. They are laid out in discussions about the Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050. Here are some of them.

Economics – Because most nations are hopelessly in debt, the existing market economies must be reset (crashed) simultaneously to create a new cashless economic system. The system envisions a global digital currency used by all – no paper money, coins or checks, everything digital, every transaction monitored. Personal purchases will be regulated and can be denied.

Business – Abandon the model of private business serving shareholders. Business responsibility will be expanded to include all stakeholders (as defined by the state) in the service of the good of the collective. Small, private businesses as they exists now no longer will, as it will be replaced by community co-ops.

Personal Property – Will be eliminated. We’ll be provided free housing, free healthcare, free education, and given a universal basic income (allowance from the state) to pursue personal interests (approved by the state) such as art, writing, approved hobbies, etc. Those owning land will be required to surrender it in exchange for promised basic lifetime needs met. Small town populations will be resettled and rural residents relocated to new housing in urban areas. Plans exist for turning current agricultural land into parkland or wilderness with extinct species reintroduced. These wild areas will be adventure destinations (photography, physical exercise, nature healing) for the elite, and also discourage those in urban settings from venturing too far into predator-infested habitat.

Agriculture – Livestock will be phased out. Synthetic substitutes made from insects, fish and plants will replace meat to provide protein. Aquaculture will expand to supply fish and seaweed. Farming will be automated, eliminating human involvement apart from monitoring by drone centers and repairs to equipment done in the field by service droids.

Environment – Expect the elimination of fossil fuels in favor of sustainable energy. Cost and efficiency won’t be a factor because all energy sources will be owned by the state. Rather than seize private vehicles, taxes and fees will be instituted to make ownership cost prohibitive for all but the elite. And with home delivery of all goods, you’ll not have need to go anywhere anyway.

Healthcare – Will be universal and regulated. Treatment priority will be given the young over five and adults under 75. Most medical trips will be unnecessary as they’ll be replaced by virtual medicine and home health care, surgeries done remotely at community health hubs. Obesity will be eliminated because your food purchases will be monitored to prohibit those overweight from buying unhealthy foods. Treatments will be based on probability of recovery and quality of life, as determined by the state and artificial intelligence. Many social ills will be re-designated as health problems, bringing them under state control.

Education – Preschool through college will be free in state-approved facilities. Religious, charter and home education options will be eliminated, and degrees from unapproved sources invalidated.

Religion – Will be discouraged unless state-approved. Clergy will be monitored for service content and removed for teaching anything the state deems offensive (as is the case now in China). Rewards will be offered for tips about violators.

I have columns ready to write on each of these subjects, as well as what can be done slow this down. But I’ll only write them if asked to by you and the editor of this paper. Otherwise you can do your own research by looking up the words I’ve italicized above.


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