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You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

Joe Biden began his presidency by issuing more executive orders in his 10 days than any other president in history during that time frame. As of this writing, 42 edicts from on high have been handed down. It’s no surprise. What you’re seeing is an attempt to flood the zone with so much change so quickly that effective opposition’s resources are divided and unable to cope with the avalanche.

One reason for this is to make up for time lost during the Trump presidency, which was a surprise to the elitists who refused to see him coming. It set the plans for the Great Reset back four years and cost those backing it billions of dollars. The other reason is the administration knows what it has planned will be extremely unpopular with many voters, so it has to get it done before the mid-term elections in two years when, if there’s a free and fair election, the elitists (progressives, globalists, etc.) could get annihilated at the ballot box.

The Great Reset is an attempt to radically change the global political, economic and social order. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s all laid out on the World Economic Forum website, as well as in UN Agenda 2030 and UN Agenda 2050 documents and in the writings of those who support them. Look up and read these agendas, but know how to cut through the nice-sounding BS when you do.

This coming reset uses collective health, climate change and social justice initiatives to redistribute wealth and create a social order in which an established power structure, backed by massive corporations, runs things for the “benefit” of a subservient class. The needs of the collective are met by the enforced cooperation of all. Those who dissent will be “canceled” and made to see the error of their ways. This isn’t me talking. Read the plans and the writings of those who promote them. They’re bold, out in the open and unafraid. So what are among the plans?

Elimination of private property, which is seen as a major cause of inequality via inheritance. Pressured depopulation of rural areas by facilitating and encouraging migration to urban population centers where it’s easier to control people. Automation of crop agriculture and eradication of mammalian meat sources, work at which is already underway by creating protein alternatives made from plants and insects. Guaranteed universal income where everyone receives a base-level income for purchasing items not supplied by the government. Elimination of national borders and national identities. Zero net carbon emissions by eliminating fossil fuels. And this list barely scratches the surface of goals set to reach by 2050.

Now cross reference what I’ve listed with just a few of Biden’s new executive orders. Keystone XL pipeline shut down. New oil and gas leasing on U.S. lands/waters halted. Elevation of climate change as national security and foreign policy priorities. Border wall construction stopped. Rejoining the World Health Organization and Paris Climate Accords. Establish a COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force. See any commonalities folks? And that’s just from the first week. Next week, what we can do.


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