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By Dan Carlson
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Made in China


In case you haven’t seen any news in the last two weeks, the notion that the Covid-19 virus escaped from a virus research laboratory in Wuhan, China, is no longer a fever dream only found in intellectually compromised brains of tinfoil-hat-wearing bloggers in the far-right corners of the Dark Web.

In fact, it now appears that the virus most likely WAS manmade in a lab, and that it escaped into China’s population months before anyone in the West heard about it. So certain is this idea, that Facebook is now allowing users to post information about the virus being a human creation, something that as recently as a couple of weeks ago would have gotten your account banned from the platform for spreading false news. So what changed?

Reliable intelligence has surfaced that confirms information about the virus and its origins. We reportedly have intelligence from inside the lab where tests were conducted on bats that quotes workers as stating they had been bitten by bats on which experiments had been conducted, and also had come in contact with potentially contaminated blood.

Also, British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen have come forward claiming to have solid evidence the virus was made in a lab. In an article from the UK Daily Mail over the weekend, the pair put forth information that, if verified, means it is actually impossible for Covid-19 to have originated naturally.

We also have news a handful of workers at the Wuhan lab sought medical attention for symptoms consistent with Covid-19 infection as early as November 2019 – many weeks before the rest of the world was made aware of it. And early on in the pandemic the rest of the world was told there was no human-to-human transmission of Covid-19 when China was taking containment actions clearly demonstrating it was. China lied, people died.

Much of what I know about China is from people who’ve spent considerable time there. The government is corrupt and ruthless. It permits slave labor, sends those it deems a threat to “reeducation centers” that are really concentration camps, routinely makes anyone who dares criticize the government or Communist Party disappear, and persecutes religious people relentlessly.

The government is also overtly racist. Do you ever recall seeing ANY video or picture of a busy Chinese street in which a black person appeared? I’ll offer proof.

Do an internet search for “movie posters china changed” and look at results. You’ll see examples of American movie posters next to Chinese posters for the same movie, and you’ll notice how images of black characters are dramatically downsized if not eliminated. And what’s so sick about that is some of those American movie companies allow such shameful edits while embracing woke ideology and lecturing us on how racist we are – all in the name of profits.

Will there be any penalty for China? Not likely from the current administration.

Sure, China may be responsible for the deaths of millions worldwide by withholding information early in the pandemic that would have allowed vaccines to be created months earlier, but our current president projects weakness. And history tells us despotism flourishes when its adversaries appear weak. Is there anything we can do? Yes. Stop buying stuff labeled Made in China.


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