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Why I Oppose Abortion

You’ll be hard pressed to find someone more pro-life than I am.

The wholesale slaughter of unborn children in our country is morally reprehensible and needs to stop. As a reader of my columns, you deserve an explanation for why I strongly advocate for abortion in America to end.

First, the unborn life is human from the moment of conception. In an age when we’re demanded to follow the science, the science says the DNA of unborn children is human. That’s why fetal tissue is so sought after for research – it’s human DNA.

Secondly, the Bible makes it clear that God is the Author of Life and it is...


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Jim writes:

Dan, and think what wisdom we would be missing from you, and also what we are missing from the millions of gifted people who have been lost to our society from abortion. Thanks Dan!! And for all of your other vet well reasoned columns.

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