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By Dan Carlson
Prairie Ponderings 

What Can Be Done?


You need not be a meteorologist to see the storm clouds gathering on the horizon. I speak metaphorically, but just as you know it’s time to seek shelter when the sky looks ominous and warning sirens blare, so too you sense what I do about what’s coming our way politically and economically and want an action plan.

I’m not a politician, nor am I an economist. I do have quite a bit of experience in disaster preparedness and helping to manage crisis. My ability to predict the future is pretty good, and doing that was my job at Cabela’s my last five years there. So read what I write here critically, do your own homework on these matters. But if any of this resonates with you, move to take action.

We’re seeing an intentional attempt to restructure Western civilization. This effort is known as “The Great Reset” and is marketed around the globe as an initiative called “Build Back Better” following Covid. This is not a conspiracy theory. It’s right out in the open. Research names such as Klaus Scwab, World Economic Forum and Transnational Institute. In short, a small group of very wealthy people is looking to mold our future in their image.

What can be done?

First, admit we have a problem and each of us played a part in getting here. We’ve no time to argue over who did what. We must move fast.

Next, examine your finances. Eliminate as much debt as possible. If you get any kind of check from the state or federal government, and depend on such checks to survive, you’re a slave already. It’s true. What government gives, it can take away and, as we recently saw in Canada, it will to pressure you. Get a job. Any job. Establish a revenue stream outside of government systems.

Avoid doing business with any large bank. Do away with their credit cards, if you can. Instead, put everything you have into local banks, credit unions and savings & loans. You may pay higher fees in some cases, but freedom has a price. Cryptocurrency is an option, but I’m not informed enough about it to do other than suggest you look into it.

Start your own food pantry. You think food prices are high now? Wait until you see what’s coming. The goal is to have at least a month’s worth of food in the form of canned and dry goods, preferably three. Have a way to get water as well by befriending someone with a private well or capturing rainwater and purifying it. Stock up on other necessities too. The idea is to become totally self-sufficient, if even for a few months.

Get involved in local politics. Elect those who understand what’s coming and will work with the community to prepare. Towns and counties need to prepare to function without any state or federal money. This will be hard but it’s essential.

Don’t get a gun. Not unless you’re willing to take time to train to use it. If you are, go ahead, but understand the circumstances in which it can legally be used.

Learn a trade skill. Preferably one that is not dependent on a computer or the internet. That way, if you’re fired or laid off, you’ve got a marketable skill. No matter what happens, you can build, maintain, repair, etc.

Network locally like crazy. Get to know your neighbors really well. Get to know people who have skills you may one day need. Join a church or a civic organization. Get out and meet people. You’ll need them someday, and they’ll need you.

The Great Reset involves resettling people from rural areas to big cities where they can more easily be controlled. They’ll offer you everything free. A life of ease and convenience, in exchange for your perceived safety – and your soul. Go along, and you’ll get along. But don’t be deceived.

Finally, but most importantly, get right with God. We’ll all need Him to get through what’s coming.


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