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Annual 4-H Achievement Ceremony Hands Out Top Honors

The annual 4-H Achievement Celebration was held Saturday night at the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds with just over 50 people in attendance for the potluck dinner and award ceremony, hosted by Laura Narjes, Cheyenne County Extension Educator, and Chel McMillen, President of the 4-H Council, Recognizing the hard work and dedication of both the kids and leaders involved, this yearly tradition is an important and eagerly awaited event.

The recipient of this years award for 4-H CHARTER CLUB OF EXCELLENCE went to Dryland Toughies 4-H Club.

To receive the designation as a Nebraska 4-H Club of Excellence, clubs must meet a certain set of criteria and document how this criteria was met. Dryland Toughies met the following requirements: has at least five members, from at least three different families; recites the 4-H Pledge at meetings; meets at least six times per year; chooses/elects youth officers; has youth serve in leadership roles; has one club project, related to curriculum, which they do together; has an adult role model involvement; is facilitated by organizational and project leaders who have successfully completed the volunteer screening; has members who perform a presentation or public speaking at the club level or above; completed one community service project; has members who participate in county, district or state events, and they must celebrate member and club achievements.


This year they had a 4-H member that has participated in the fair pop sales and cleanup, the 4-H Spring Carnival, and has done community service including helping with the Angel of Hope, to working with residents in the nursing home. This recipient has been very active in 4-H and is always willing to help wherever needed. Emily Miller was awarded the 2022 Outstanding 4-H Member for Cheyenne County. Emily has been a member of the Dryland Toughies and the Sidney Wrangler 4-H Clubs. She has served as a youth member on the 4-H Council, helped with Farm Safety Day, 4-H Carnival and helped run 4-H meetings. Throughout her 4-H career, she has been able to learn life skills, leadership, communication and people skills. Working with kids has been a big role in her life, and she has helped many new 4-H members with their animal projects and helped them build confidence in themselves.

Every year, there are two showcase categories that truly highlight the love and dedication behind 4-H. The first of which is FRIEND OF 4-H, which went this year to Kip Miller. Kip is someone that has passion for the youth in our community, and is not only on the fair board, but is himself a 4-H parent. He has taken time to teach, work, and lead to make all 4-H'ers' fair week successful, memorable and fun. All his hard work hasn't gone unnoticed.

The second Top Honor is the HEART OF 4-H award. For over 20 years, the Beyer family have been strong supporters and promoters of the Cheyenne County 4-H program.

Mike and Melinda were active parents and leaders of the Bunker Hillbillies 4-H Club for many years. Their children all completed 10 years in 4-H and earned many county, district, state and National Awards. They were in various projects from conservation, goats, beef, clothing and home environment.

The Beyer family have always been willing to help other 4-H'ers in their endeavors to make sure they have a fun and great learning experience. If someone needed to learn about their 4-H animals and showing, the Beyers were, and still are, eager to lend a teaching hand.

Mike has served as the Sheep and Goat Superintendent for many years. His goal was always to make sure the 4-H youth and their families had a great experience at the Fair. He wanted to make sure everyone felt like they were successful no matter what ribbon they received.

Beyer Solutions have also been great supporters of the 4-H Livestock sale. Every year they have purchased animals. Beyer Solutions have also donated time and items to the 4-H

Silent Auction and manpower to help set up the buildings for 4-H events.


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