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Cruise N Class Celebrates 37 Years

Everybody loves classic cars, but relatively few are fortunate to own a piece of automotive history. At the Cruise N Class Car club, members do not have to own a classic ride, just have an appreciation for cars and a love for the work and care required to keep them on the road and looking good.

Now in their 37th year, the club holds car shows around the Sidney area, with their show in October being the biggest draw, attracting classic car enthusiasts from many states to bring their cars to Sidney and appreciate the work and care of these pieces of rolling history.

And not all the cars would be considered "classic", as many members have newer cars that have something interesting about them, or are significant in their history and technology. Cruise N Class president Doug Loghry, owner of Pedaler's Square in Sidney, has been with the club since its inception, and predicts the group will continue to grow.

"People just love classic and interesting cars, and love seeing them in person," he said.

The group has about 30 members that meet once a month to discuss, admire and work on their cars while planning events and functions. The club has a big presence in the Sidney area, and is known for their charitable works and fundraising.

"Our goal is to expose the hobby of collecting and working on cars, especially classic cars, to everyone, especially young people. From 1950s era Chevys to customized Ford Escorts, you will find all types of cars represented at the club.

With dues being just $5 per year, it is an affordable way of meeting up and enjoying cars with like-minded individuals. The club is a great resource for the hobbyist, as many members have deep automotive knowledge and are always willing to help others with their restorations and tuning.

They hold fundraisers throughout the year, with proceeds benefiting organizations like the Sidney High School Automotive Club. Recently the club voted to fund three scholarships for students in Cheyenne County looking to go into the automotive industry after graduating high school.

Loghry's favorite cars are his 1957 Bel Air Wagon and his 2000 Corvette Convertible, painted yellow with racing flames.

With their big show in October that coincides with Oktoberfest at Legion Park, the club has seen over 300 cars participate in some years. It is a big draw, and offers an alternative attraction to visitors coming into Sidney for Oktoberfest.

"The club and our shows are a great draw, and they help the local community with tourism. Most of the participants stay for a few days, and that's hotel rooms, restaurants and other businesses that benefit from the visitors," said Loghry.

Anybody in the area can join the club, all that is required is a love of cars. Many start as being admirers and as they become more familiar with the group, they end up purchasing some type of car that they then work to restore, modify, or make unique in some way. With a group of knowledgeable and skilled enthusiasts to help, members find that owning a classic car, once only a dream for them, can become a reality. Enjoying their cars while helping others gives the group a purpose, and is one of the clubs in the area that make Cheyenne County great.


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