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From the stages of New York to Sidney: Mark Clearview's Wand-erful Comedy

HPAC brings captivating show to Cheyenne County

SIDNEY- High Plains Art Council did it again as last Saturday people from all over enjoyed a mind-blowing magic show. When it comes to comedy magic, there are few performers who can captivate an audience quite like Mark Clearview. With his unique blend of humor and charisma, Clearview, who is originally from Canada, has become a household name in New York.

From a young age, Mark Clearview's passion for magic ignited his determination to become a prominent figure in the industry. His dedication led him to perform in Las Vegas for the hit television show Penn and Teller, "Fool Us", where he left both judges and viewers captivated by his tricks. Penn Jillette is quoted as saying of Clearview, "It was really fabulous. Just wonderful. And really really funny."

"I fell in love with magic when I was three and I saw a magician perform for my birthday. I knew right then that I wanted to give people that wonder and amazement and I also wanted to make them laugh on top of that," said Clearview. "I've been doing magic professionally since I was six, over the past 22 years".

One of his most astonishing feats was spending two weeks in a straitjacket. This act not only garnered international attention, but also set a world record for the "Longest amount of time wearing a straitjacket." Clearview was motivated to wear it as a way to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson's disease, which is a neuro-degenerative disorder that his favorite actor, Michael J. Fox, has been diagnosed with.

Clearview's arrival in Sidney was met with excitement and anticipation. His lively performance was underscored with moments of suspense and wonder.

By involving the audience in their acts, magicians create a memorable and immersive experience. Clearview's ability to wow his audience goes beyond mere tricks and he goes the extra mile in order to achieve that. One of the highlights of the evening was the moment when a volunteer from the audience, Ashtyn Hanes, gave him a $20 bill that Clearview had her sign, and then he seemingly burned the bill. Minutes later, the exact same bill, complete with her signature, showed up inside a rotisserie chicken, leaving the audience speechless and laughing.

Another key moment with a volunteer, was when Lillian was called to witness and vouch for what he was about to do. After presenting some razor blades, it looked as though he swallowed them one by one. Aided by her phone's flashlight, she confirmed to the rest of the crowd that no razor blades were hidden inside of his mouth. It would also seem that the performer swallowed thread as he proceeded to take the audience to a whole another level of amazement when the blades appeared, connected by the thread, from out of his mouth.

Clearview's expertise in the field of magic is undeniable. He has performed in China, France, Italy, Spain, and Singapore, just to name a few. With years of dedicated practice and a deep understanding of the art, his skill has been intricately honed. He constantly pushes the boundaries of what is thought possible, incorporating innovative ideas into his acts. As proof of that, as his grand finale, he escaped a straitjacket in exactly three minutes and 26 seconds, while the song "The William Tell Overture" played.

"The magic that I get to experience is energy. When I step on the stage, I feel the most present that I feel anywhere else." said Clearview. "I love Sidney and I had so much fun here. This is my first time in Nebraska and I have to come back because I need to keep getting this good beef."

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