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Commissioners Discuss 4-H Hiring, Approve Zoning Change

SIDNEY--On Monday, November 20, the Cheyenne County Commissioners and Board of Equalization had their bi-monthly meeting. On the agenda were a number of items, and after the agenda was approved, and the minutes from the November 6 meeting were approved, the Board of commissioners heard the first item on the agenda. A general Assistance Application for County Burial was approved for Courtland Froemke. County Attorney Paul Schaub, who was not present at the meeting, recommended approval as the decadent had insufficient assets, and met the criteria for assistance. The commissioners approved the application unanimously.

The commissioners adjourned briefly for the quarterly County Jail inspection, then returned to consider the approval of an Application of Vacation for Dennis Beyer, President of Beyer-Keil Wheatlands, Inc. The application was for a single tract subdivision located in part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 19, Township 15 North, Range 50 West of the 6th P.M., Cheyenne County, containing 12 acres known as the Beyer-Keil Subdivision. The application would change zoning from Residential Estate to Agriculture. Dennis Beyer explained that all of the proper work to make the change had been done according to county regulations, and there were no complaints or issues with the change. The commissioners approved the change unanimously.

Next up was a continuation of an issue that was tabled in the last meeting concerning the resignation and hiring of a county 4-H assistant. Extension Educator Laura Narjes had informed the commissioners in the previous meeting that she was resigning her position, and that a new assistant needed to be hired. The commissioners had some questions about the matter, concerning whether or not the position was fully funded and should the new 4-H supervisor, who has not been hired as of yet, should be the one to hire his or her assistant. Narjes was joined by Extension Educator Karen DeBoer and Supervisor Rob Eirich. Eirich explained that although the state has a hiring freeze, the assistant position is an already existing position, and would not be affected by the hiring freeze. Randall Miller expressed concern that the position was not yet being advertised, but Eirich assured him the position had been approved by the state, and a search committee was being finalized. He stated the position would be advertised within the next few weeks. The commissioners noted concerns about new hires and training while Eirich stated the office has a great support system and would have experienced people available to train the new hire. Miller was still concerned about the new hire picking their own assistant, but felt confident that Karen DeBoer would be able to manage the situation. The commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding concerning the 4-H position.

Next up, the commissioners switched to the Board of Equalization and considered approving an Exemption Application for Honorably Discharged Disabled Veteran Nicholas Dadgostar. The issue concerned a vehicle that he had applied for an exemption, but the application was too late being submitted to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Commissioner Sanders said, “there should be no deadline” on this type of matter, and the other commissioners agreed, approving the exemption.

Re-convening as the Board of Commissioners, Kendra Mitchell, Tourism Director, then asked the commissioners for a $2,000 grant to repair the ceiling in the Train Station room that had been damaged by water, through a leaking roof. The commissioners approved the request. The commissioners then adjourned to participate in County Government Day at the Courthouse, where area students sat in on court proceedings. After re-convening, the commissioners heard from Cheyenne County Superintendent Doug Hart. Hart said they had finished with minor repairs and did an inspection of the roads the Air Force was using, and that the Highway Department was working on mowing and graveling roadways in need. Commissioner Sanders noted that the work on 56 turned out great, but 52 between 87 and 83 still needed a bit of work done. Hart said that he would go out to the area to inspect.

The commissioners then went into Executive Session to discuss litigation claims and to view the Sheriff's Evidence Building.


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