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  • Master Gardener Tips for the Panhandle

    Jeanne Murray, Nebraska Extension Master Gardener|Jul 27, 2022

    What kind of garlic do you grow? There are two kinds of garlic - the softneck garlic and the hardneck garlic. Hardneck is the one found here in our northern climate. The hardneck has a hard central stem with the cloves clustered about the base of the stem. This stem curls and forms a seed pod in June which needs to be removed upon its appearance. More about the garlic tomorrow. When do you harvest garlic? Harvest garlic when the bulb of cloves is mature. That is when the three lower plant leaves have turned brown about mid-July. You have about...

  • Master Gardener Tips for the Week

    Jeanne Murray, Nebraska Extension Master Gardener|Aug 4, 2021

    Two canning methods for produce: Are you planning to can some of your garden produce? Garden produce can be preserved by two canning methods, the water-bath or the pressure canner. Water-bath canning is for produce with high acidity, like pickles, most fruits, sauerkraut, tomatoes, jams and jellies. The pressure canner is used for low-acid foods, like vegetables, meats, sea foods and salsas without added acid. Improperly canned produce may result in a deadly food poisoning. Altitude and canning: Do you need to adjust your canning time or...