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Editor, I see the city council approved LB840 funds to support the hickory square project. They say this comes from the one-half cent sales tax that was approved by the voters in 2012. If the city officials and city council go back and see how this...


Sidney Regional Medical Center - Letter to the Editor

Sidney Regional Medical Center (SRMC), a very devoted business member of the community and proud supporter of Sidney, Cheyenne County, and the region, on behalf of the Board of Directors,...


Letter To The Editor: Get serious of U.S. problems

Non-metropolitan Nebraskan are predominately conservative, and more likely to support candidates who profess these views. However, this year is unlike any year in my memory since Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was the Democratic candidate in the 193...

 By Stan Fox    Opinion    April 26, 2016

Letter To The Editor: Is it possible?

Dear Editor, Anthony Ruiz’s picture of a panoramic view of the new Deadwood fitness and exercise trail was really neat! (April 12th edition of the Sun-Telegraph). Is it possible that Sidney could offer the basic services that traveling cyclists are...


Letter To The Editor: Fed up with policians

Dear Editor, We the people are fed up with the lies and deceit of the greedy politicians who think more of themselves than the people they represent. They are a group of self-righteous individuals who capitalize on every opportunity to benefit... Full story


Letter to the Editor - Reader: Developer should pay

Dear Editor: I would like to know why the taxpayer has to pay for the Pole Creek Cross Rd. That was not an existing street or a road between Greenwood and Fort Sidney roads before they started to develop that land. Therefore, since it is on land...


Letter To The Editor - Reader: Enough is enough

Dear Editor, When a person graduates from high school, he can choose the higher education route and spend lots of money getting a degree. Or, he can spend lots of money on farmland and equipment to become a farmer. The first one might end up paying... Full story

 By Steve Wilson    Opinion    March 21, 2016

Letter To The Editor - Reader: Explain it to them

Dear Editor, I grew up in Sidney, a poor kid, from the “other side of the tracks.” As such a kid, I often felt marginalized and left out of many community organized activities. Having said this, I recently heard what the daily admission price to... Full story


Letter To The Editor - Efforts to derail Trump

Dear Editor, There is currently an effort by the establishment of the Republican Party to sabotage the candidacy of Donald Trump. This is an effort that will destroy the Republican Party for decades if not for all time. They have even gone so far as... Full story


Letter To The Editor - Reader: Why against it?

Dear Editor, I want to thank Mr. Arterburn and Mr. Galloway for reminding the council that the 1/2 cent sales tax being collected is to be used for street improvements, not new construction. So why are the other three against the use of the tax... Full story

 By Rita Hart    Opinion    March 4, 2016

Letter To The Editor - Swimming pool concerns

Dear Editor, I hate to bring this subject up once again, but after reading the article about the $4 million that our city council is spending on the new swimming pool, I feel a few items should be addressed. First off, I see the daily rates/seasonal... Full story

 By Clara Benisek    Opinion    March 3, 2016

Letter To The Editor - Caucus is important

Dear Editor, The Cheyenne County Democratic Caucus will take place at the Cheyenne County Community Center in Sidney on March 5 at 10 a.m. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. This is the first determining step in the selection process. This will decide...


Letter To The Editor - The Hose Monster

Dear Editor, I see they want a name for the water park. As much as the taxpayers are being hosed on this project and how big it is, they need to call it The Hose Monster.  Jack Schilling Sidney...

 By Stan Fox    Opinion    January 25, 2016

Letter To The Editor

I just warmly want to thank The Sun-Telegraph, the sponsors and the participants for this year’s football contest. It was a real competitive season of 14 weeks, challenged by many intuitive and insightful participants. I, for one, looked forward...


Letter To The Editor - Reader: Liar, liar, pants on fire

Dear Editor, The president waxed long and evasive Tuesday night in his annual address. The topics ranged from distortions to downright lies over more than an hour. Here is a man who has spent over $3 million to keep his records at colleges and...


Letter To The Editor - Reader: Council should seek voter approval on water park funding

Dear Editor, The city council is going to vote at the next council meeting on borrowing money to pay for the water park. They want $4 million but by the time they add everything in and to it, it will probably be over $5 million. Question? What right... Full story


Letter To The Editor - Reader says opportunity is knocking

Dear Editor: It appears that the city council will have an opportunity to rehire the best city manager that this city has ever known since he has applied for the position. In contrast to other of his predecessors his performance increased steadily... Full story


Letter To The Editor - Reader concerned about Cabela's

Dear Editor, So many people from the Sidney area have contributed to the success of Cabela’s. They must be very proud to have been a part of Cabela’s amazing story. One would assume that Cabela’s knows and appreciates the help they received... Full story


Letter To The Editor - Reader concerned about Cabela's

Dear Editor, I see that the city is having trouble finding funds for the aquatic center, which now is being called the new swimming pool. Before they float a bond or go in debt $4 million by borrowing the money and wanting the tax payers to pay the b... Full story


Letter To The Editor - Reader: Cabela's should think about residents, not shareholders

Dear Editor, In the “interest of shareholders,” Cabela’s seems ready to destroy a vibrant town and negatively impact the lives of thousands of hard working residents. Always sad to see what can happen when a great company goes public. The... Full story


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader appalled by statement

Dear Editor: I was totally appalled by the self back patting article in Thursday’s paper (Sidney mayor highlights success of city and business partnerships). The statement by the mayor, “Regardless of what happens in our near future, we’ve got... Full story


Letter To The Editor: Thanksgiving generosity

My wife and I were traveling from the San Francisco Bay Area to Omaha for Thanksgiving. We stopped in the Safeway Starbucks on our way to Omaha and we struck up a conversation with a random customer and her two kids. They were the nicest family and... Full story


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Reader doesn't like the current trend

Dear Editor: I have watched the city’s boom and bust cycles since the closing of the Army depot but am not liking the trend that currently exists. We have lost the best city manager we have ever had, the most qualified police chief in memory, the... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Use funds to repair streets

Dear Editor, I have read the letters from Larry Nelson and Rita Hart and agree with both of them. I have heard the walking trails along 11th Avenue (which nobody knows how that got approved) and around Cabela’s new pond was paid for with tax dollar... Full story

 By John Bahr    Opinion    October 21, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Fort Sidney Road Bridge

Dear Editor, Disclaimer: I am not a bridge builder nor do I claim to be one, but I’ve worked in manufacturing long enough to know when I see progress, or lack thereof. Since I am unemployable, I’ve had plenty of time to walk the dog past the...


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